“There’s not much of that stuff around here.”

“Too many Victorians!”

“That house is in Albany?”

Yes folks, there are modern homes in the Capital Region and there are people interested in them, just the way they are.

And now with ModernHome-NY, there’s a place where local mid-century enthusiasts can come together, ooh-and-aah about great houses, and just be understood.

Granted, as a real estate agent, I do have a vested interest in encouraging a certain modernist frenzy.  So remember, if you’re looking to buy or sell something from mid-century or that’s chic and contemporary (or anything with four walls, a roof and a deed for that matter), I’m your guy!

But this site is about more than just marketing and sales.  It’s also about beauty and ideas.  During the ten eleven years that I’ve been living in the area, I’ve become known for my extensive and award-winning coverage of the arts in the Times Union.  In 2008 I published a book, Artists & Activists: Making Culture in New York’s Capital Regionabout the people who make up our amazing scene.  My career in real estate and my specialty in modern homes is a natural extension of this passion for the unique look and feel of the region.

It’s my goal to apply a similar combination of approaches to this site – the discernment of a journalist and the aesthetic touch of a curator.   Posts on ModernHome-NY are divided into the following categories:

New Listings – Houses that are striking, rare, important or just compelling and currently on the market.  If you’re interested in buying one of them, please contact me for a showing.

Neighborhoods – Photographic tours of different corners of our region with houses that excite me.  (If you’re the owner of one of the houses that is pictured and don’t want it included here, just let me know.)

Landmarks – Structures from the 20th and 21st centuries, large and small, that make up the architectural landscape of our region.  Again, we’ve got more than you might realize.

Discoveries – New or favorite places to shop, encounters with some divine decor, interesting stories from the national media, highlights from my travels, etc.

People – Conversations with preservation experts, folks making things happen, architects vital to the region, and others. 

Events – Tours, talks, and sundry occasions.

I welcome suggestions for future posts.  Would you like to show off your vintage ranch?  Do you know a local expert at restoring pink bathrooms?  Please get in touch!



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