Historic Albany’s Fall Events

The emphasis is, appropriately enough, on the historic. But there’s more than a touch of recent historic too.  Following are two events that in my datebook.

Saturday, October 5 – do.co,mo.mo_US Tour Day 2013
Rocky-afeller and the Bulldozer: Lecture and Tour of Empire State Plaza

Historic Albany Foundation was founded in 1974 to advocate for the preservation of Albany’s historic neighborhoods threatened during the construction of Wallace K. Harrison’s massive mid-century modern Empire State Plaza, through which half a neighborhood, 1,500+ historic homes were lost. To celebrate 40 years of successful advocacy, Historic Albany pays tribute to the neighborhood that disappeared and welcomes the newest architectural ‘child’ on the preservation scene, mid-century modern.

Thursday, October 10, Albany Medical Center, History & Architecture


This members only tour will start with an overview of the history of Albany Medical College and Hospital from its origins in the mid-19th century in downtown Albany to the relocation to the present site on New Scotland Avenue.  That’s followed by a tour of select buildings including the addition by Henry Blatner and the new Patient Pavilion, which just opened in 2013.

Full schedule of events and ticket information at: www.Historic-Albany.org

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