Troy’s Brunswick

In January 2011 the City of Troy demolished its City Hall, a brutalist modern structure (above) designed by Ken Warriner.  There’s much on-going debate on the legality of the action and just where will be the future home of city government.

Other than the late City Hall, Troy is not known for modern architecture. Its Victorian downtown was kind of passed over by urban renewal, especially when compared to the hodge podge of neighboring downtown Albany.  There’s said to be more Tiffany windows in Troy than in any other city.  Portions of “The Age of Innocence” were filmed in Troy.

And yet, the pursuit of modern homes can be fruitful in Troy.  In Brunswick, the district to the east, there’s lots to chose from.  These shots are from neighborhoods either side of Route 2 near the Poestenkill, about 5 miles east of Troy’s Monument Square.

Albany’s Buckingham Pond

Approach Buckingham Pond from Western Avenue heading south on Colonial Avenue and that’s just what you’ll see – Colonials.  Lots and lots of them.  But take a clockwise tour around the five-acre body of water and you’ll see a handful of shed-style contemporary homes sitting proud and prominent, especially on Euclid and Lenox Avenues.  It’s not easy to make a full loop around the pond in a car, but there are lovely walking paths to make the circuit and view some ranches along the way.  Some of the following houses aren’t quiet on the pond, but can be found on Brookline Avenue and Cortland Street.