It’s amazing but true:  most real estate agents are not well attuned to architecture.  There’s a particular area of need when it comes to knowing and appreciating the distinctive styles unique to the 20th Century.  “Frank Lloyd Wright” has become a generic adjective for anything with a flat roof and clean lines.

When you hire JOSEPH DALTON you’ll be working with an agent who has a strong background in the arts, follows recent architectural trends, and is an expert on local contemporary homes.  He knows what’s currently on the market and where to find other inventory, as well as how to best showcase a modern home in order to reach the right buyers. 

Dalton has a proven track record of bringing together buyers and sellers in win-win transactions that are smooth and efficient.  Key components to his success in sales are his people skills and business acumen, good taste and natural enthusiasm.  Trust him to deliver a rewarding and trouble-free real estate transaction.


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